Join us for a rare opportunity to use blockchain for something truly useful for society.

Our ambitions are bold:

1. Build the #1 cryptocurrency for payments
2. Reduce global poverty

We're aiming for mainstream adoption—the goal is for GLO to be used by billions of humans and millions of businesses.

We work fully remotely and hire globally.

Currently our team members are based in the US, India and Europe. You can work from anywhere, and get a budget to set up a nice home office or rent a desk at a local co-working space. Every once in a while we'll organize get-togethers to meet in real life.

As one of our first employees, your work will have a very high impact on Global Income Coin.

We’ll be tackling unsolved problems in engineering, economics, finance, algorithmic trading, central banking, marketing, decentralized governance, and community management.

Some of the challenges we're fascinated about:

Non-governmental central banking.

The Global Income Coin Foundation will act like a central bank, operating one of the few non-governmental treasuries to manage the exchange rate of our own currency.

Establishing a new economy from scratch.

We succeed if we manage to get a thriving ecosystem of consumers, businesses and financial services providers to use GLO as money for real economic activities.

Sparking a global social movement.

Using GLO is the very first actionable step individuals can take to contribute to a universal basic income in a systematic way. In most countries, 5-10% of the population is vegetarian. Can we get 5-10% to opt in to GLO as their day-to-day currency?

Scaling the network while protecting privacy and preventing fraud.

Every human should only be able to claim their weekly GLO once. The way in which we verify unique personhood should work regardless of your nationality, be cost-effective, and preserve as much privacy as possible.

If this is the kind of work you get excited about, consider joining the team.

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